Sunday, February 6, 2011

2Easy Battery Grapher

Available on the Android Market!

A big problem with these smartphones that alert you to new email and show everyone's Facebook updates is that they chew through battery power like Bugs Bunny through a carrot. Towards the end of the day we are all wondering why exactly our batteries are so low. Was it a constant drain all throughout the day or was it playing games and writing email during the morning commute?

Graphing the battery shows the 'when' of power drain and you can scroll it left and right with your finger.
The menu options give you some extra help and the ability to send feature requests to me directly.


Showing what apps were running at any one time helps to show the 'what'. It looks nicely colourful and 3D too.

It is easily my most complex Android app to date and I plan to take it a lot further. Eminently useful for myself, I hope that a lot of other people find it useful too.